Written by Lachlan Still on Feb. 12th 2019
It's challenging. It's difficult. And of course pricing is a touchy subject.. and everyone wants to feel like they're getting a deal. 

The truth is, buying is actually not a logical decision. No matter what they're buying, it's an emotional one. A decision that is often based on their perceived status increase or decrease, and a fear of looking stupid if they make the wrong decision...
Written by Lachlan Still on Oct. 12th 2018
I think it's fair to say that a large majority of Migration Agents barely even do marketing, let alone digital marketing! Yet a common objection that we often hear from migration agents when discussing marketing is that “We tried it before and it didn’t work”.

Any channel, facebook, instagram, Google Ads, directories, blogging and more! Let’s start with Google Ads here. They assume that because Adwords didn’t work for them, Adwords doesn’t work.

Rarely do they consider that Adwords works brilliantly and would have worked well for them also, it’s their approach and strategy that didn’t work. Let me share with you the factors that make a successful..
Written by Lachlan Still on Oct. 6th 2018
According to a Google study, it can now take up to 127 touch points before a user purchases an item online. With so much information at our fingertips, the path to purchase is very rarely "Identified issue. Open Yellow Pages. Call the first ad I see". 

It's now more like "Identify problem. See if I can do it myself. Read 10 'how to' articles. Begin Googling service offerings. Click on 10 of them. Cull the ones I don't like the design of or the message for. Google the remaining for reviews. See if they have social media presence..." and so on! It can really be exhausting. So how do you capture them at the right stage, and then convince them to stay with you?
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