Lachlan's Journey
It's a decent journey, that's for sure. 

I’m Lachlan Still, founder of which is a full service digital agency, specialising in performance based paid media, &

 Unfortunately I’m not a New York times best seller nor have I been featured in Forbes, no Lambo’s, podcasts, bitcoins or side hustles. 

In the last two years we haven’t done any self promotion because we’ve been head down & bum up delivering projects on time and huge quantities of leads into our clients businesses. 

So, why the sudden change? Well, as every psychologist will tell you, it all comes down to childhood. When I was in grade 5, due to divorce and a spiteful parent, I was moved from one school to another - and to be fair to me, a tiny scrawny kid - I was not cut out for this move. Especially as it was a much, much different school.
When you get beaten up every day, you quickly learn fight or flight. And well, for me, I quickly learnt how to talk my way out of situations, and become a chameleon - suitable for any group of people. 

 I developed a real distaste for authority, and the ‘normal’ way of life. In high school, my grades were shit, I got kept down from trying to game the system, and I got an ENTER of 44. Not bad for never showing up! 

“Gaming the system” became a theme, and I started to read lots of books on business, entrepreneurs, and mindset. I wasn’t interested in the usual pathway of university, job, die. So I headed overseas, and lived in Japan for 6 months. 

When I came back, after being exposed to travel, food, and other successful people who didn’t fit ‘the norm’, this changed my perspective on the world. 

Living in Japan led me to the (new) age old question of ‘how can I make money online & travel the world? After working door-knocking sales jobs, I stumbled on Affiliate marketing, exchanging money for leads online. This was 2007. 

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this…

Well, a few short years later - I was on my entrepreneurial journey. I’d had about 5 start-ups in this time period - each proved to be a great lesson. 

Whether it was selling new cars online offering a fleet discount to the consumer market, ecommerce web stores before Shopify existed (& we killed it! Until Google killed us..) performance based SEO services (& cold calling every day for a year straight!). I still had that chip on my shoulder, so the agency was called “Versus Internet Marketing” .. Me versus the world I thought. 

We had a team of 8 staff, with a leading “Don’t pay until you rank” SEO offer - And we grew, too quickly. I had enslaved myself to my business, just another rat in the race, exactly what I DIDN’T want to be! Working 60 hour+ weeks, customers calling non stop, trying to hire/fire/keep happy all of our staff.. It was a nightmare. 

At this point, I knew things needed to change. So I sold that business for a decent profit and began to ask myself purpose driven questions like “How Do I Not Get Caught In The Hamster Wheel Again?” and “What’s The One Thing My Business Needs So I Can Pick And Chose My Work?”

And of course, finally: “What Industry Is Profitable and Has High Demand That I Know I Can Deliver Leads For”? 

The answers came to me slowly.. Over the period of two years to be exact. I realised that all successful businesses operated on a ‘stack’ of systems.  

Systems is the answer… and sales cures all ;) 

The First System I implemented into my business was operations, which is the ‘doing’ of the work. Now we can hire at any time to grow, plug the staff in, and they can execute on our Performance Marketing Lead Generation Strategy for any client. 

The next system is treating ourselves like a customer.. And implementing our own lead generation system. Because sales cures all, right? And I didn’t want to be another agency that doesn’t market themselves.. And only their clients (Hint: Huge Red Flag). 

And Finally? The industries that we are killing it for around Australia are B2C, B2B Service businesses. For our service clients, we are driving over $2.7 million dollars per month in revenue. 

So - why am I telling you this?

Well, now I run a successful training program, teaching Migration Agents, Lawyers & Educators how to develop and strengthen their sales and marketing skills so they can have a successful and growing practice.

Just in the last 6 months alone, I have helped over 67 businesses learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, while also understanding how it relates to today’s modern economy with digital world and social media. 

With working and speaking with that many Immigration Agents, I started to connect the dots as to why most of their businesses wind up failing.

Immigration Agents are the busiest they’ve ever been (And If you’re not.. You should be). however the industry training programs don't focus on how to market yourselves, how much value you're truly bringing to someones life.. and how to charge for it.
If you want to increase your profits, pay less per lead with FULL transparency, and rely less on old-fashioned lead generation tools before 2019 is over, so you don’t have another slow year, then definitely watch our free training. 

Propelling The Immigration Profession Forward
I work with Immigration Agents & Lawyers specifically to figure out what is the vision and the dream that they have for their lives and the possibilities of having a solid mindset. Once the dream has been defined, then we work together to develop the exact steps they need to take to accomplish those dreams, including:
  • Exactly how many meetings do we need to have on our calendars each week?
  •  Exactly how many clients do we need?
  •  How are we going to get those clients?
  •  How much is it going to cost to get new and ideal clients?
  •  How much time is it going to take?
  •  Who do we need to help us?
  •  What do we need to learn?
  •  What do we need to say?
These questions are important to have the answers to. If you don’t have a clear and detailed plan over the most important part of your business, sales, it has a way of never actually happening and those dreams, never come true.

If you are ready to take your firm to the next level, take a look at our case study videos of how we helped some of our clients, Agents & Lawyers, start to finally gain control over the growth of their practice and gain a new freedom in their lives that they never before thought was possible.
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